Mother company Gamini B Dodanwela Associates (Pvt) Ltd, has being Bhoomi-Tech’s main resource of Leadership, Knowledge & Guidance since inception. With over two and half decades of history and experience and over 100 staff members including assets and resources, Dodanwela Associates (Pvt) Ltd performs complete Geo-Spatial services spectrum(Survey Consultation, Condominium Project Surveys, Domestic Surveys,  Cadastral Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Contour Surveys, Aerial Surveys, GNSS Surveys, Mobile Mapping Surveys, Engineering & Plant Surveys, Terrestrial Laser Scanner & Lidar Surveys and Hydrographic Surveys, CAD & Licensed Certification).

In-house Strategic Planning Engineers and experienced project managers at Bhoomi-Tech play major roles in all multidisciplinary projects handled by the company. Company employ’s more than 65 staff members across separate divisions of the organisation with a leading team of well trained and experienced Senior Sales Managers & Engineers.

Qualified, trained and experienced Technical Support teams employed by the company for specific Instrumentation Systems respectively ensure clients requirement is technically met completely always and client is trained sufficiently to operate and utilize the product efficiently and correctly to gain maximum potential and use.

Our in-house, factory certified fully equipped Optics and Laser Calibration Workshop is maintaining the reputation of being the only of such standard in the region. Factory Certified 6 way Collimator System which works on Factory Calibration Software, Laser Diode Calibration System, 1 Km Distance Measurement Calibration Set-up, On-line Calibration Report Generation System, BIM Laser Calibration Set-up, Inventory of detailed range of optical and electronic spare parts and 2 nos of in-house Continuously Operating GNSS Reference Stations ensure the quality level of Bhoomi-Tech’s after sales services for the complete range of Geo-Spatial Instrumentation.

We maintain a team of well trained & experienced technicians for Mechanical Systems,  Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Systems, Heating/ Cooling Systems and Electronic Systems repairs and services. Completely equipped with workshops, handling equipment and transport vehicles, We ensure a satisfactory and efficient service to client’s need.

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